To Baryn Futa, it is impossible to overestimate the necessity and importance of the arts on any society. The fact that art defines a society is a primary reason why as much art as possible should be preserved for future generations. He sees the arts as a time capsule of sorts, which future civilizations will use to keep in touch with their past.

That is why Baryn Futa is such a strong supporter of the arts and why he is a member of numerous art museums that feature impressive art collections and other organizations that support the arts. It is also a major reason why he has developed and maintained a significant and progressive collection of his own, which he quite often loans out to museums.

His view of the arts, in which he sees fine art as a representation of what a society is at any given time and that it is the best method for future generations to reach back into their past, is what creates in Baryn Futa a strong desire to preserve as much art as possible for the ages. To make sure the arts are preserved, he wants more people to appreciate the arts as much as he does.