There are plenty of forms of viable art, from dozens of types and classifications within the fine arts to other, more attainable, art forms. Everything from the way a building is designed to the images on your coffee cup qualify as art. This is why Baryn Futa wants people to know that when they say they “do not like art”, they are rejecting virtually everything aesthetically around them created by man. The fact is, most of them have never been exposed to a diversity of art. Perhaps they don’t like the Van Goghs or Picassos of the world, but they might like post-modernism or cubism.

Baryn Futa is an art collector who has sought to help expose people to new types of art. He has an extensive art collection currently, but this was certainly not always the case. Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Baryn Futa had no idea that he was interested in the arts. In fact, it was not until Baryn Futa’s retirement that he really discovered his interest in the fine arts and acted on that discovery. He immediately began exploring his love for the arts and expanding upon his very limited knowledge of the field. This was done by attending art classes online and in person, going to art fairs, and seeking out art museums.